Apart from conducting collaborative research and community service, we have also held several International Conferences in collaboration with several leading universities. The conferences we organize prioritize quality, not just the quantity of participants. We work with several reputable publishers such us: IEEE, IOP, SCITEPRESS and another reputable Journal, and listed on trusted indexing databases: Google Scholar, SCOPUS, WoS, etc.. trusted indexing agencies.

We are very open to collaborating with your university. We charge almost nothing to host conferences. If you are interested, please email us.

Some of the conferences we held:


  1. The 2023 1st International Conference on Computer Science, Information Technology and Engineering (ICCOSITE)

  2. Soon The 2023 4th International Conference of Science and Information Technology in Smart Administration (ICSINTESA)

  3. Soon The 2022 6th International Seminar on Research of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ISRITI)

  4. Soon The 2022 3rd International Seminar on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science (ISMODE)